Turf How To’s

Turf Preparation

Turf preparation and soil improvement before any planting takes place ensures that it will be easier for grass roots to establish and penetrate deep and evenly. Deep roots will make the lawn more drought resistant, and a more efficient water and nutrient user.

  • Clear the area of all debris (building materials, roots, sticks, stones
  • Check with Sydney water for any available exemptions for establishment Sydney Water
  • Install any underground drainage that may be required.
  • Remove weeds and other existing grasses from the site.
  • Rough Grade the entire area to minimize drainage problems on the property. This includes sloping the ground away from building foundations and eliminating or reducing severe slopes and low lying areas. Any further debris unearthed should be removed.
  • Till to a depth of at least 5 – 10 cm. This should be completed prior to adding any turf underlay or soil amendments. This will alleviate compaction, permit a bonding of the turf underlay to the sub soil and improve root penetration as well as air exchange and water movement. Lightly rake surface after weeds have died.
  • Test the soil pH to determine if any correcting materials are required. Add any correcting soil amendments necessary.
  • Add turf underlay to achieve a depth of at least 10 cm. The turf underlay should be a sandy loam of around 80% sand 20% soil mix purchased from reputable providers, free of weeds. (It should be noted that most weeds and problems occurring after the lawn is established are a result of using inferior soils at this stage, effectively contaminating the site with weeds not yet germinated)
  • Apply a “Starter fertiliser” equivalent to N: P: K (7: 5.25: 5) and rake into turf underlay.
  • Smooth and level the site with a rake maintaining the rough grading contours and slopes established earlier.
  • Optional: Roll the area with a lawn roller one third full of water to firm and settle the surface. Low spots revealed by this step should be filled to match the surrounding grade surface. If time permits allow the area to settle further by applying irrigation water.

With the soil improvement and lawn preparation complete, the site is now ready for turfing.